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In 1921, William and Constance McIsaac founded Ryde Grammar School.  With just 46 pupils on its first day, the aim of the newly-founded School was to provide a Christian education for boys.  The school quickly became the independent school of choice for Island tradesmen, with the wealthy and professional classes wanting their boys to be well educated, and not to have to send them away to boarding schools on the mainland.

A year later in 1922, five former pupils established the Old Boys' Association. Its primary objective was to enable Old Boys to keep in touch with one another, and to foster the spirit breathed into them by their School traditions, as well as to create a bond of fellowship.  The Old Rydeians' Association was officially formed in the Easter of 1925, when membership stood at just 23. Seventy-five years later, we had 1270 members, which increased to 2282 in 2013.

Membership into the Association has historically been through the payment of an annual subscription.  However, in 2016 an agreement was reached between the ORA and Ryde School which now sees the School injecting an annual income into the Association, thus removing the need for subscriptions.  Anyone who has left Ryde from 2016 onwards automatically becomes a member of the ORA, with those who had left the School proir to this date, and who is not a Member of the ORA, being able to join for free by completing our on-line membership form.
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